Tuesday, December 4, 2012

So Long, Farewell

Where does the time go?

Throughout these last few months I learned much that is needed to know about photography and photo editing. Now that I own my own personal camera, I feel more equipped to apply these new concepts into physical demonstrations. I can continue to improve my photography skills and one day move past my beginner level.

OK, let me be brutally honest. I admit it, I am rather disappointed in myself in my photography journey. I had so many plans to experiment different photo editors and photo-taking techniques. I say this because I will be discontinuing this blog... Sigh.

Unfortunately, I did not get to complete my Photoshop experience and show you all a full, transformed journey. I did in fact get better in my work, but I am not at all where I want and thought I would be. But I am hopeful that I will continue to learn how to capture extraordinary scenes, produce phenomenal images and teach photo editing to others.

I did learn some very useful and helpful information. For example, the rule of thirds really helps me understand the importance of balance and appeal in even the most simplest images. In addition, learning how to change the way I see the world makes a significant difference, not only for capturing images but also finding a purpose for everything around me. I've read a book called Cameras in the Quest for Meaning by author and photographer Jack Yeaman. This book inadvertently taught me that photos and the art of  photography is everlasting because messages are remain with us forever. A thousand words can never fully describe the meaning behind a single photo or the emotion behind the photographer's intentions to capture a particular scene. This, I believe, is the overarching theme for the purpose of learning composition of great photographic works.

I took most of my inspiration from different photography websites, such as DIY Photography, DPS, Cambridge in Colour, Photoshop Tutorials and Photoshop.com. These sites are awesome! Check them out.


Remember when it's all said and done, there's more than what meets the eye...

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