Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wishful Thinking

Well, well, well, I see you've made it back to my blog. Ok, well I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is I did place my order for my camera, but the bad news is it will not be delivered until between the end of this week and sometime next week (sad face). Somehow I missed the option to do expedited shipping so unfortunately I will be waiting on the snail mail method. But, I am excited to get my camera, as it will be the first of which I have full ownership (where have I been, right? I know, I know).

I ordered a Sony Cyber-Shot 14.1 MP digital camera from eBay for around 100 bucks so hopefully I don't run into any defects or issues that will hinder me from starting my project because I really don't want to have small talk with you all in the meantime. I chose this particular camera because I borrowed a friend's similar camera during this past summer and I instantly fell in love! The autofocus was great and the image stabilization worked better than I thought. I was reading around the web and one of the main elements to taking nature photography is the focus and zoom technologies to enhance the quality of each photo. I will be looking into some nature photography book such as Mountain Light, to get a feel for what the thinking is behind taking nature photos and how to approach a setting to take the best picture. I hope all goes well so wish me luck...

Remember, after it's been all said and done, there's more than what meets the eye...

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